this is what i like

I have had enough of people denying something they like simply because a billion other people in this planet like it, too. This kind of denial is a sign of cowardice; a symptom persistent in individuals who care too much about what their peers think.

My new mindset is if I like something, I’ll enjoy it to the maximum and shun the people who remark that I’m not cool and that the fad I’m involved in is stupid.

You only live once, and it’s important that while you are young, you learn to enjoy yourself without having to conform to the minority or to please the majority.

If, when you are older, you discover that what you enjoyed was as senseless as they said it was, don’t hold it against yourself.  There’s nothing to forgive and nothing to regret.

Why should you be repulsed by something that gave you joy, even temporarily? Why should you brand it as time wasted when at that moment in the past, you believed with your whole heart that you could never again be as happy?

Think about it.


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