I’ve always been attracted to men who are reasonably afraid; who admit they’re afraid and act like they’re not; who chooses to present himself as a human being from beginning to end rather than a hero in the beginning and a victim in the end.

I don’t want to hear ‘I’ll take care of all of it’ even if it sounds brave and romantic. I want to hear ‘let’s take care of it’ because we live in reality and reality demands that we help each other. Togetherness is not a weakness. Men who depend on women are not less reliable or trustworthy. They are mature beings who have been enlightened by the truth of ‘no man is an island’, and that remains true regardless of gender, race, background, and crises.

I do not want to be an ornament to your legacy; I want to be a co-conspirator to your mischief.

If you can’t grasp my requests because they are crowded with ‘I want’, then I’ll put it simply, sweetie: I want to be with you, not behind you. Let me do my part, because I can do wonders in your life. All I’m asking is a little honesty and a little humility, and a succinct ‘I need you, babe’ every now and then.


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